Who is Rally4Life?

Rally4Life Foundation is a 2009 Registered Canadian Charity. We currently operate in the DRC to reduce DRC poverty. As a Canadian charity, we are committed to relieving poverty. We provide safe Congo water crisisdrinking water, sanitation solutions, shelter, sustenance and education to children and families. Our team operates around the world and bring awareness to the cause (or issues) through the remarkable activities of our Adventure Advocates.

As a result, Rally4Life will work with Charity partners who are experts in their field to achieve our common goals.


Where do we work?

Rally4Life has overseen and supported projects in Kenya, Guatemala and now the Democratic Republic of Congo, helping to reduce DRC poverty.


Why DRC?

The Democratic Public of Congo is the 9th poorest country in the world. DRC poverty is rife with danger from violence related to theft of rare minerals and resources. At the same time, outbreaks of ebola continue to plague many communities. So with our partners in the DRC we can make a significant difference to the lives of ordinary people, communities and regions. DRC is the largest country in sub-Saharan Africa.


How can I donate?

If you wish to help us reduce DRC poverty, you can follow this link to make a secure online donation. Canadian donors will receive a charitable tax receiptDRC poverty. All public donations go to charity  projects. With the support of our corporate partners we maintain a minimal overhead that they cover to keep projects on track and on budget. Every dollar counts.

Our corporate partners include a group of companies who are themselves working in the DRC to improve the lives of ordinary citizens. Utilising new technologies and modern processes they are able to increase the ability of citizens to independently earn a living.