About Us

The Founders

Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates had a vision in 1996 to find a way to change their lives to establish a charity in order to benefit those less fortunate. In 2009 the Rally4Life Foundation was formed as a public charitable foundation.

Founders – Mark and Jackie Jennings-Bates

With a goal to assist in poverty reduction in Africa and Guatemala their first projects were centered around the provision of safe water in the Samburu, Kenya and supporting children’s homes and schools in Guatemala.

Mark established a goal of setting world records and pushing his mental and physical abilities in order to demonstrate to others that we can do more to help others. He also vowed to help raise $4 million for the charity.

The Leadership Team

board of directors

Mark and Jackie are supported in their endeavours by a Board of Directors who kindly donate their energy and time to ensure that projects are evaluated before they proceed. Additionally the team ensures that all the necessary regulations are followed to maintain their charitable status.

In 2020 the foundation is about to hire an executive director in order to achieve a higher volume of beneficial projects around the world and mature selected partnerships that enhance and add value to the many projects that are under review.

The Projects

The projects embarked on vary from simple to complex but the value of a human life is a simple metric.

Samburu women
Samburu women celebrating a new well

If the investments made by the charity can aid in reducing loss of life and reduction in poverty in any given country then our mission has been met.

If you have a project that you believe we should look at you can email us here.

The Athletes

Mark Jennings-Bates paramotorBecause Mark and now Jackie live an adventurous life, they have inspired a few athletes to follow along. Check out our “advocates” web page to see who you can support in our journey to help those less fortunate.