Following on from the example set by Jackie and Mark, several people have joined the team to help promote poverty reduction around the world.

If you have a talent and a following of people that can help us reduce poverty then we would love to talk.

You may be a musician, athlete, entrepreneur or just a busy person that is really good at networking! We would love to promote your efforts to make the world a better place and in return, have you help us a little.

Contact us to discuss how you could help.

Please be sure to take some time to check out the current advocates and support them:

Steph Jeavons

Motorcycle adventurer

Steph is credited with being the first Brit to ride a motorcycle around the world solo on all seven continents. With an encyclopedia of experience and stories, Steph continues to embark on fresh adventures and inspire others to “step out of their comfort zone” while educating them on the mental approach to global adventuring.

Steph and her supporters have raised money for well projects in the Samburu, Kenya.

Mark Jennings-Bates


Mick Extance
Cam McQueen


Martin Rowe