Hurricane Elma Rips Through Saint Lucia

Rally4Life volunteers tour the damage left by hurricane Elma near their home in Saint Lucia.

Poverty and Housing in the Caribbean

Rally4Life has overseen and supported projects in Kenya, Guatemala and several other countries in Africa. We are currently focused on improving poverty and housing in the Caribbean. The Caribbean’s small island economies face many challenges in dealing with impoverishment, with almost one in five Caribbean people living below the poverty line. The region is extremely vulnerable to natural hazards and is facing severe economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. Access to quality, affordable housing is an increasingly difficult challenge with rapid urbanization prompting a large share of the population to take refuge in informal settlements that are disproportionately affected by landslides, flooding and storm surges.

“Improving housing conditions in the Caribbean can have large impacts of poverty reduction, improving lives of a significant share of the population” Michael G. Donovan, IDB Senior Housing and Urban Development Specialist.

Photo: Caribbean News Weekly

With the support of our corporate partners, we maintain a minimal overhead that they cover to keep projects on track and on budget. Every dollar counts. Our corporate partners include a group of companies who are working to improve the lives of ordinary citizens. Utilizing new technologies and modern processes they are able to increase the ability of citizens to independently earn a living.